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Barry Tomes owner of Barry Tomes Media Group. Including Gotham Records and TomesPR established in 1974. When I first landed on US soil in 1984 I knew I was going to fall in love with the country. I did a tour with a artist 15 shows 19 flights in 21 days. I have since been back to the US over 50 Tomes since. I have worked with many big stars including. Lulu. The Beach Boys. Alvin Stardust. I have helped nearly 2000 new artists get a foot up the musical ladder around the world. I love finding new artists and music all around the world. Especially the USA. I host my US10 radio show to share music and my experiences. Enjoy. Facebook barrytomes Twitter @tomespr @tomesprusa. @tomesprausnz Email

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