Simon Cook

From a very young age I've had a passion to be a radio presenter. In my teenage years I was involved with Hospital Radio and I even had a studio in my bedroom. Those were the good old days when DJ's used Vinyl, CD's and even things called cassette tapes. I spent several years working for one of the big commercial radio groups, before launching my own online radio station called "The Power Station". We play Christian music 24/7. Click here to visit The Power Station website. You can also hear me every Sunday afternoon between 3pm and 5pm right here on Venture Radio.

Profile - Simon Cook:

Do you have a Nickname? My parents used to call me slim, I have no idea why – oh yes, I used to be!!
What is your best memory of school? School holidays
What was your first Job? Working in an accounts department, they didn’t realise the only thing I knew about money was how to spend it!!
What was your first car? Volkswagen Polo, it was a bronze colour with 'go-faster stripes'
What’s your favourite meal? Roast dinner, especially roast beef with Yorkshire pudding
What’s under your bed? Somewhere I believe there is a floor
Favourite place? North Devon
What's your idea of a great night out? Staying in. It's the new going out!
Favourite radio DJ of all time? Johnnie Walker. I love his jingle.


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