John Peters

I was born in the east end of London as Peter Medlycott during the 50s with two fantastic parents.  I have been involved in music right from the age of 12 where I used to run a mobile disco until I was 18 years old.

I also had work with pirate radio (all the craze in the 60s), with the likes of Radio Caroline and Radio London and there were loads of other stations which were all around. I then got involved in radio, working on hospital radio for several years until I moved to the west country.

 When I moved down to the west country I carried on with hospital radio. Afterwards, I then had a break from it for a while because they were closing all the local hospitals around here.

It was only a natural progression to own my own radio station!  Venture Radio came about with the closure of Razor Radio.  Most of the presenters came with myself and Tracy Clark to Venture Radio .

Now you want to know how the name John Peters came about; it’s not rocket science.  A good friend of mine called Carl Emms (many people might remember Carl from local radio in the west country.) He suggested “Why don’t you use your middle name first and your first name last?"...

... Which I have done ever since = John Peters.  Thanks to Carl for that.

I do hope you enjoy the sounds that Venture Radio put out. If you have any concerns then please let me know by emailing me at: or .

Enjoy the station and catch up with me on:

The John Peters Show

Monday and Tuesday at 18.00 hrs GMT.

All the best,

John Peters


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