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Hello! My name is Philip Ray, yet I am a lot better known as Phil Ray. I have been told I have got a good radio name as it is easy to say and memorable. Ha! I am guessing now that you have visited this page you want to know some more about myself and my shows.

I was born in Shrewsbury but lived forever until this present day in Telford. I do not have plans on moving out of the town as I do actually like it here.

I don't think I could bare moving too far as the amount of junk that I keep is unreal. You know what I mean; that stuff that is worthless but you want it!

I am now trying to boost my career and find out what I want to do in life. As many people know; it is not that easy trying to find the best thing to do for yourself and you never know what things could have been like if you had gone down the other path! But that's life and I accept that, keep a smile and a laugh and love music forever!

My favourite thing about radio presenting is that I am able to speak to you and entertain you for a couple of hours. I feel that I am learning new things everyday which is good!


Now if you want to tune into my show; you are very more than welcome to! It's live and interactive here on Venture Radio on a Monday at 4pm until 6pm and on a Saturday at 7pm until 9pm (UK & Ireland time).

Great Music And More with Phil Ray.

Byeeeeeeee for now.


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